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Thursday, June 30, 2005 by darco
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I've been twisting and turning in my seat on this airplane now for around two hours trying to get some sleep, all to no avail. I know I haven't been writing in my blog enough lately, so rather than keep trying to do the impossible I figured that I would just pull out my powerbook and write up some various thoughts on what I've been up to and what I'm now doing.

As some of you may know, I will be traveling next month to Cupertino, California to give a presentation at Apple. The audience will be couple of senior-level engineers, as well as one of the vice presidents. The whole story of how this came about is quite fascinating in and of itself, but I am going to restrain myself from divulging too many details on my blog. However, I will say this: IRC has proven itself to be more than just a productivity black-hole.

So yeah, I'm pretty excited. I may not sound like it, but that's just because I'm kinda zombified at thirty-one thousand feet. Weeee....

Maria tells me that Louie broke up with her. Damnit. I was really hoping it would work out, even though he was really Catholic(Nothing against Catholics of course, it's just that Maria isn't very Catholic). It has been a long time since I saw her as happy as she was with Louie.

Everyone should use jabber.

When the plane shakes around a lot, I can close my eyes and pretend that it is one of those fancy vibrating massage chairs—you know, like those ones at sharper image. Yeah...fancy.