Battlestar Galatica

Tuesday, August 30, 2005 by darco
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Many years ago, there was a show on TV called Battlestar Galactica. It was one of the earlier slightly more realistic sci-fi shows on TV, but is quite primitive by today's standards. It was about a branch of the human race in a far off region of the galaxy fighting for their lives against a mechanized enemy called the Cylons. In all honesty, I was never really a fan.


However someone must have been inspired, because last year a complete remake of the series started to air on the Sci-Fi channel. It is hands down the best science fiction I have ever seen on television. The setting and plot are brilliant, the ship designs and special effects are stunning, and the acting is superb. Even if you are not much of a fan of science-fiction, you must watch this series. It has now become my favorite show on television, and is the only redeeming factor of the channel since those bastards canceled Farscape.

The cylons were created by Man. They were created to make life easier on the twelve colonies. And then the day came when the cylons decided to kill their masters. After a long and bloody struggle, an armistice was declared. The cylons left for another world to call their own. A remote space station was built, where cylon and human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations. Every year, the colonials send an officer. The cylons send no one. No one has seen or heard from the cylons in over fourty years.

In the three-hour mini-series (which aired in 2003), mankind is wiped out across twelve worlds in a matter of hours by the cylons, leaving only 50,000 survivors in the human race. The series plots their struggle to survive and find a new home, the isolated and distant thirteenth colony of humanity—Earth.

Battlestar Galactica is now in its second season. New episodes air every friday night at 10pm on the SciFi channel. If you would like to catch up in the series quickly, I recommend the following:

  • Battlestar Galactica Mini-Series (Aired 2003)
  • Battlestar Galactica Season One (Aired 2004) A note I just found from someone on "If you own the Miniseries disc, and you buy this version, you will not need the Miniseries one. This 5-disc Season 1 (US version) set has on disc 1 content identical to side A of the Miniseries disc. Discs 2-5 contain the 13-episode first season, with disc 5 containing the final two episodes plus all the extras on side B of the Mini disc and all the series extras. It renders the miniseries disc null and void."

Buy these DVD's. The show is brilliant. You won't be disappointed.