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Sunday, September 18, 2005 by darco
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I've been keeping myself quite busy lately. In addition to looking for a job, getting dumped by my girlfriend, and making websites for other people, I am also completely re-writing from scratch. That right, my very own content-engine. No more Wordpress.

Why am I doing such a thing? It's not that I don't like wordpress—It's a very well-written and easy to use blogging engine, and I would recommend it to anyone with the time and patience to set it up. However, I want more than just a blogging tool.

One thing that I have been talking about for quite some time now is selling posters of my artwork. I have always kept putting it off for one reason or another, but the primary reason was that I just didn't really take it seriously. That changes now.

The new site that I am working on will allow me to sell prints and posters of my artwork directly on the internet. No middle man. You visit the site, see a cool picture, put in your credit card and shipping address—a week later your merchandise arrives at your doorstep.

I will also be offering premium memberships to the website which for a modest fee you can download high-resolution desktop backgrounds, similar to how Digital Blasphemy operates.

The idea is for this to be more about self-marketing than money. I don't expect to be making a wad off of this website, my primary goal is to elevate the profile of my "brand" to a higher level of public awareness. This means I have to create a sense of style that people want to associate themselves with.

So that's the plan. Unless something catastrophic happens (like getting a job at Microsoft), expect me to start migrating over the website later this week.