Pushing Jabber Forward

Friday, April 28, 2006 by darco
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When I announced a while back that as of my Birthday (May 19th) of this year I would no longer be using AIM, ICQ, YIM, or MSN in favor Jabber, I did not quite anticipate the response I received. Apparently I struck a chord with some people.

Some were confused, some even seemed upset, but most of the responses I have received have been extraordinarily positive—even to the point of adopting my birthday as the day that they swear off those legacy services.

The idea was pretty simple: The most common excuse I hear for not using jabber is "I don't know anyone who uses Jabber who doesn't use anything else". Well, now they will. But getting a Jabber account just to chat with me seems kind of silly. It can be kind of hard to know who has a Jabber account and who doesn't, even with the Jabber Users Directory. I think what we may need is to create a database which also includes people's legacy addresses as well. That way, if/when you migrate to jabber, you can more easily see who is using Jabber. Just a thought.

It doesn't feel right to make a post about Jabber without also mentioning the recent loss that the Jabber community has suffered. Peter Millard, a long time member and contributor to the Jabber community, passed away on April 26th. My condolences go to wife and daughter. He will be missed.