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Friday, July 28, 2006 by darco
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Ok, ok... I know this isn't new... But it's new to me. It would seem that Livejournal now runs their own Jabber server!

LJ Talk is what they call it, and they apparently have big plans—all of them revolving around interoperability and freedom of choice.

From the article:

Jabber/XMPP has gotten another big shot in the arm this week, with the announcement that Livejournal has launched a Jabber server for its users, complete with the friends-list pre-loaded as the Jabber roster. They will be incorporating s2s communication, along with lots of other features.

It seems that more and more companies are jumping on the XMPP bandwagon. One more down, a few more thousand to go...

Read the official announcement here.

As for what server they are running, they appear to be "rolling their own": djabberd. Their subversion repository can be found here.