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Thursday, December 14, 2006 by darco
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logo_saleThe other day I took an online driving school course called I Drive Safely. Some of the quotes from this thing are just bizarre.

FACT: Although the U.S. population has been growing steadily, the rate of motor vehicle deaths per 100,000 population has remained constant since 1998.


Beware of the impaired pedestrian.

Yeah, those pesky impaired pedestrians.

Look for pedestrians to appear suddenly around buses. Watch for children - they can be unpredictable and move erratically.

You should also watch for snipers. And campers too.

Marijuana - often referred to as grass, pot, or weed - is the dried and unprocessed leaves, stems, and seeds of the cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants. Marijuana can be eaten or smoked. Most frequently, the dried plant leaves are shredded and rolled in cigarette papers to form a joint. Joints can be smoked like a cigarette. Hashish, which is another, more potent marijuana product, is processed from the resin in the flowers of the marijuana plant. Like marijuana, hashish can be eaten or smoked, though it is most frequently smoked in a pipe or bong.

What, no recipe for pot brownies? Common, stop holdin' out on us...

First introduced as a street drug in the late 1960s, PCP soon gained a reputation for provoking dangerous and violent reactions. Although one-time users may be turned off by a bad trip, continual users respond to the drug's ability to induce feelings of strength, power, invulnerability, and a numbing effect on the mind that can result in the disappearance of unpleasant memories.

Hey, that doesn't sound too bad.

Some individuals mix cocaine and heroin. This mixture is called a "speed ball." By combining several stimulants, the effects of all drugs are prolonged.

Always good to know. I think. Wait... what?

And last, but certainly not least:

Give motorcyclists who aren't wearing protective clothing or helmets plenty of extra room. Their poor judgment as to their need for protective gear may also be an indication of poor driving skills.