Stitching Panoramas from Video

Thursday, July 7, 2011 by darco
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This panorama was created from the captured frames of a video right after we found a parking ticket on my Prius. Unfortunately the video was shot vertically, which makes it somewhat difficult to get the full feel of the area. To remedy this, I got the idea to try and stitch together some of the frames from the video to make a large, wide-angle, still picture. If it works for people taking normal pictures it should work with video too, or so my reasoning went.

The stitching was performed using Hugin. Some parts are a little blurry because of motion blur, but over all I think turned out rather well—considering that she was shooting the video without thinking that I would be attempting to stitch the frames together later.

I'm using this picture (and the two below) as evidence for fighting the parking ticket on the grounds that there was no indication in the immediate vicinity that parking was restricted in this area.

Do you see any restricted parking signs?