Engineer. Designer. Artist. Skeptic. Observer. Maker. Humanist.

who is darco?

My full name is Robert Sun Quattlebaum1.

I live in San Jose, California. I grew up in a small city in south Georgia called Valdosta. Since late January 2007 I have been working at a well-respected company near San Jose. Before that, I worked for a great video game studio called Crystal Dynamics. Before that, I was involved in the company that I started, Voria Studios.

My resume is no longer publicly available, due to a variety of reasons. If you would like to see it, please ask.

what is deep darc?

It's my website and blog, of course. It's a place where the curious can come to read up on what I've been up to lately, and what my plans are for the future. If you are curious about anything, just drop me an email.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason (and feel free to, I won't bite), go here.

  1. In May of 2009, I changed my legal name from "Robert Bugg Quattlebaum Jr." to "Robert Sun Quattlebaum".