This is where I list some of the cool and interesting projects I've been actively involved in. My current professional projects may or may not be listed. I also have many smaller projects/hacks that I haven't listed yet.

Software Projects

Miredo OSX (2007-present) — A user-friendly IPv6 teredo tunnel for MacOS X.

darcness (2005-present) — The software which powers this blog.

Synfig Studio (2002-2005) — A feature-film quality vector 2D animation package. While I wrote most of this software, I am no longer actively involved in its development.

BFTools (~2005) — An interpreter, C-converter, and optimizer for the unfortunately named esoteric language, BF. When I wrote it I was convinced that it was the fastest optimizing BF interpreter in existence, and I have yet to find one that is faster. It even recognizes delay loops and replaces them with a call to sleep(). An additional feature of the interpreter is that it can output an optimized C representation of the program. Unlike other BF-to-C converters, this version doesn't use nested while() loops, which allows you to convert very large BF programs to C without causing the C compiler to croak.

Hardware Projects

ybox2 (2007-present) — The second-generation internet-enabled set-top box in an Altoids tin.

Color-Lamp (2007) — A colorful LED lamp.

Video Games

Orbs (1997) — An idea for a game that never really worked. I came up with this idea in high school.

SEDE (1998) — A 2D Side-Scroller for the PlayStation. Fun, and highly amusing.

Blaze of Glory (1999) — A PlayStation game written by me. Very fun. Yes, there is some bad spelling on the package art... grumble...

Geode (2001) — This was the Semester 3/4 project at DigiPen. I was the technical director for this game. It's very fun! At the moment, there is only a Win32 version.

Other Stuff

LHS TSA Chapter Website (2000) - A snapshot of a website I created for my high-school TSA chapter, of which I was very proud.

Yoder Machinery Website (2005) - A dynamic database-driven website I created for a client. I thought it turned out rather well.

Fish and Lucky Charms (2001) - A fish simulation I wrote for a class at DigiPen using Phong shading. The 3D engine was written by myself from scratch—No 3D libraries (such as OpenGL) were used. This is a windows executable.


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