SEDE - Steve Ed Darco Elliot

Project SEDE was an attempt to create a game of moderate quality on the seemingly dead American Net Yaroze Scene around early 1998. As the name implies, the project was started by 4 people, Steve Tolin, Ed, Darco (Me), and Elliot. Unfortunately the project fell apart after everyone except me lost interest in the project. After seeing that this project was a dead end, and having more interesting ideas to pursue, I finally abandoned the project. I created a visual, WYSIWYG (Except for sprites & objects), multi-layer level editor for the game which made level creation a breeze. I also wrote virtually everything that is in the game except for the music engine, which was written by Elliot. Even it it isn't finished, I am still proud of what it represents—my first real game.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4